Santander Consumer (UK) plc treats all customer information in a confidential and secure manner. For example, we do not sell information to other organisations for direct marketing purposes.

Data Protection Legislation

Santander Consumer Finance complies with the Data Protection Legislation, which lays down a set of standards that must be followed whenever personal information is processed.

The Data Protection Legislation also gives individuals (known as Data Subjects) a number of rights including the right to find out what information, if any, is held about them. This is known as a subject access request.

When do I need to make a Data Subject Access Request?

A data subject access request is a formal request for information. The formal access request arrangements are not designed to deal with general queries that you may have about your account. If, for example, you want to find out some specific information about your account, you should contact our Customer Service Team. We aim to provide you with the information you require without you having to make a data subject access request.

You can use the form below to make a Data Subject Access Request

We will provide you with the information you have requested within 28 days from the date we receive your request.

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    3Information request

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    By submitting this form, you declare that you are the Data Subject named above and confirm that in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Legislation, you have requested that Santander Consumer forward to the address stated, any personal data they hold about you to which you have a right to access.