It’s important that you understand how we may use your personal data and the options that you have regarding its use. The full details are contained within our How we use your Personal Data Booklet. Here you can read the data protection statement, an explanation of fraud prevention and credit reference agencies, and a description of your personal data rights.

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If you have a Contract Hire agreement

The information in this booklet relates only to customers with a Contract Hire agreement.

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Below you will also find links to other important related information such as our Privacy and Cookie Policies and how you can access the data we hold about you.

Use of your information

We have a number of documents to help you understand exactly how we use and share the data we gather when dealing with your finance application. Find out more

Access your data

You may wish to ask us what information we hold about you. Find out more

Privacy policy

Our Privacy policy sets out how we use and share the personal data we gather when you use our website. Find out more

Cookie policy

Our Cookie policy explains what cookies are and how we use them to help make our website work. Find out more