Building a better future.

We understand our responsibility when it comes to building a sustainable environment and combatting climate change. Our sustainability approach is continuously evolving, ensuring our values are reflected in everything we do – we are committed to driving positive change and giving back to the community.

We are part of the Santander Group and are aligned with their sustainability plans and goals – click below to find out more:

As well as developing our approach to sustainability with the wider Group, Santander Consumer Finance are increasingly creating our own independent targets and initiatives. Our response to climate change has been developing over recent years and we continue to explore how we can best support the green transition. Some of our most impactful activities to date include:

Supporting our communities through our Charity, Sport & Social Committee and Big Build initiative for nearly 15 years, with the goal of giving back and supporting a variety of valuable causes.

Providing our colleagues, customers and dealer partners with the option to calculate individual carbon footprints.

Forming our Climate and Sustainability Forum with senior representatives, providing structure and governance for our sustainability goals, led by our Sustainability Manager.

Launching our Green Dashboard, allowing the internal monitoring of green vehicle finance against the internal targets we have set. Green vehicles are those with emissions of less than 50kg/km of CO2, including electric and hybrid vehicles.

Partnering with Net Zero Group and designing and delivering Climate Awareness training to our dealer partners.

Running a survey to find out what sustainability means to our people and forming our Green Ambassadors group, to make a difference to our environmental impact as individuals and a business.

The Santander Group is committed to achieving Net Zero by 2050 and within Santander Consumer Finance, we are developing targets and plans to significantly reduce our financed emissions by 2030.

Our Green Ambassadors

At Santander Consumer Finance, we embrace a culture where our colleagues can speak up and be heard. As a result of this and our commitment to our people, community and the planet, we have formed our Green Ambassadors group.

Our Green Ambassadors are a dedicated group of individuals who have volunteered to take on an enormously valued role, responsible for proposing, prioritising and delivering environmental initiatives with the support of the Climate Action and Sustainability Forum.

Educating and engaging with their colleagues, our Green Ambassadors will be advocating for environmental matters, including collecting and reviewing feedback from their peers to help inform on the actions we take as a business in the office, our homes and our communities.

Green financing

Green vehicle financing includes financing to electric vehicles, bicycles and any car with less than 50mg/km of CO2 emissions, such as hybrids, in line with Banco Santander’s Sustainable Finance Classification System.

In December 2022 we reached a huge milestone, by having funded £1 billion in green finance in the UK since 2021.

Stephen Green, Strategy, Products & HR Director, said “We are a market leader in the UK automotive sector, therefore it is crucial that we support motorists in their green transition”.

We continue to monitor our green finance volumes and trends monthly and are evolving how we can best support the adoption of greener vehicles and achieve our reduced financed emissions targets to 2030.

Santander Consumer Finance in partnership with

We recognise that climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face in society today and we are firmly committed to the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement to limit global warming.

We continue to make greener choices as an organisation and are proud to offer you the option to calculate your individual carbon footprint through our partnership with With the ability to measure and take actions to reduce carbon emissions through the Engage Carbon Portal, you have the opportunity to make small and simple changes that can have a positive impact.

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Green Economy

The Santander Group are working to reduce environmental risks and create socially responsible business practices that support the transition towards a Green Economy.