Account management fees Change of payment due date* £25.00
Change of vehicle registration plate £30.00
Collection of vehicle upon voluntary termination of agreement £70.00
Transfer of agreement fee** £150.00
Arrears management fees Monthly arrears fee*** £35.00
Internal collection agent visit £50.00
External collection agent visit £250.00


  • * One change of payment due date is allowable free of charge any time during the agreement.
  • ** Only applicable for agreements not regulated by the Consumer Credit Act, i.e. transfers from one limited company to another limited company.
  • *** When your payment is made late and for every subsequent month that your agreement remains in arrears, limited to 3 in any single defaulting period.
  • The charges detailed within this document are correct as at 30th July 2014. Santander Consumer Finance reserves the right to amend these fees at any time.