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Whether you want to make an online payment, change your personal details, or request a change to your payment date, we try to make things as simple as possible.

As you’re just getting started you may be looking to change your payment due date:

If you would like to request a change to your payment date please note the following:

  • You can only change your payment date once in a 12-month period
  • If your agreement is a PCP agreement, your payment date can only be changed once in the entire life of your agreement as this would affect the Guaranteed Future Value of your vehicle
  • The first change after the inception of your agreement will be free of charge. For subsequent changes, there will be a fee of £25.00 payable by card before the change is made
  • The change cannot be made when your payment date is within 4 working days

We’ve also listed some helpful links below that you may need for managing your account in the future:

It’s important that we know if you have changed your bank account so we can continue to receive your payments. For changes on individual bank accounts just call us on 0800 085 1759* and we’ll set up the direct debit over the phone. For changes to joint signatory accounts, please follow the link below then complete and return the form to us.

Account management fees
Change of payment due date
One change of payment due date is allowable free of charge any time during the agreement.
Change of vehicle registration plate£30.00
Collection of vehicle upon voluntary termination of agreement£70.00
Transfer of agreement fee
Only applicable for agreements not regulated by the Consumer Credit Act, i.e. transfers from one limited company to another limited company.
Arrears management fees
Monthly arrears fee
When your payment is made late and for every subsequent month that your agreement remains in arrears, limited to 3 in any single defaulting period.
Internal collection agent visit£50.00
External collection agent visit£250.00

The charges detailed above are correct as at 1 November 2021. Santander Consumer Finance reserves the right to amend these fees at any time.

Please refer to the T&Cs on your contract for further information.

It’s important that we know of changes to your personal details so that our records are correct. You can let us know of any changes using our online service.

Make a payment here through our secure and easy-to-use online payment system:

You may need to confirm whether or not we hold any financial interest in your vehicle. You can find out by using our online service to request a clearance enquiry follow the link below:

You can settle your agreement at any time. To request a settlement figure follow the link below:

Please note if your agreement started within the last couple days then it may be on its way to you in the post. However, if it has been 7 days since your agreement started, please follow the link below:

More helpful information can be found on our manage your account page.

Go Green by offsetting your car’s carbon emissions

Santander Consumer Finance has partnered with iOffset as part of our Go Green initiative to help you offset your car’s carbon emissions, because we believe driving doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Calculate the cost to offset your CO2 emissions in 3 simple steps:

  1. Enter your vehicle registration
  2. Enter your annual mileage
  3. Click add vehicle

Invest in afforestation schemes, renewable energy and emerging technologies in carbon capture and storage.

Part of the contribution will also go towards a UK-based tree planting charity.

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